Develop 4D virtual reality machines to train technicians/engineers/operators, to reduce operating  cost and to improve efficiency, in:
     - Heavy industry, initialization with mining technology:
        + 3 projects (initialization with LHD simulator) to teach mining vehicle operators
     - Academia

Load Haul Dump Training Simulator 4D (= 3D + Interactive) is lasted from Jan to Sep 2008, then commission/upgrade from Oct 2008 to Jan 2009.

     - Cockpit with all controls (pedals, levers, buttons, meters, lights, switch,…), 3-D visual, stereo sound
     - Real driving feeling
     - Basic operations: start-up, warming-up, brake-test, driving (including boom up/down, bucket up/down) stop-park
     - High quality lessons on different surfaces/situations, with obstacles around
         + Walk-around; In-tunnel; out-tunnel; up-hill; down-hill; smooth-surface; rock surface; soft load; hard load; fire; tunnel fall; sidewall hit; operator posture and maximum visibility; maximum vehicle path; emergency cases.
     - User guide with bilingual Vietnamese and English languages
     - Option: student assessment, advanced instructor, vibration cockpit

Visual and Mathematical Simulation is used to reduce LEAN to optimize mining manufacturing line and management process for gold mines in East Asia, started from July 2009.

From 2010, we are able to conduct networks of simulators to simulate a whole factory operations before you build a factory. Similar methods can be used for academia.