LHD - Load Haul Dump Simulation Machine

Develop 4D virtual reality machines to train technicians/engineers/operators, to reduce operating cost and to improve efficiency, in: heavy industry, academia.

Load Haul Dump Training Simulator 4D is lasted from Jan to Sep 2008, then commission/upgrade from Oct 2008 to Jan 2009.

Visual and Mathematical Simulation is used to reduce LEAN to optimize mining manufacturing line and management process for gold mines in East Asia, started from July 2009.

From 2010, we are able to conduct networks of simulators to simulate a whole factory operations before you build a factory. Similar methods can be used for academia.

Embedded systems

Embedded system

Design & Implementation of Compact Flash Memory Card Interface to a Mobile Data Logger to meet specifications: huge PC-readable data (FAT file system, ~ 1GB) storage on CF card, Data transfer rate 10 Mbytes/sec, Data reliability around 1 error per 10 billion bits, and low power consumption to ensure all data being stored on CF card when the data logger supply power is failed. This project is done under order by Munich Microfuzzy Company, Germany.

Design and build a Versatile Drilling Machine with required specifications: PCB board is able to be automatically drilled as seen on computer, and any 2-D simple picture created on computer can be drilled. Studied and applied microcontroller, C/Assembly programming, PC-microcontroller communication and layout drawing tool. This project is done with the first prototype with drilling function in 2002 and will be in the second phase started from 2009.

Networked control

SCADA system

This is a joint division with industry to make sure hands-on experience in building stand-alone cockpits or a group of networked cockpits which align with long term industrial standards.

We may create new standards for developing countries in the field of networked simulators.